September 25-28, 1998 

The Future of the Humanities 
in the Digital Age 

Problems and perspectives for humanities education and research

  • Humanities in the information society
  • International cooperative strategies
  • Humanities curriculum innovation
  • The virtual university
  • International digital resources
      The Future of the Humanities in the Digital Age is an initiative of the SOCRATES/ERASMUS thematic network project on Advanced Computing in the Humanities and the SOCRATES ODL project EUROLITERATURE 

    The conference is realized with the additional financial support of the Norwegian Ministry of education, the University of Bergen and the city of Bergen.

      The conference is supported by the following organizations and projects:  

    AHC, ALLC, CHArt, CRE, EACL, EAIE, EDEN, ELSNET, HUMANITIES, Norwegian Council of Universities, Norwegian Ministry of Education, Norwegian National Library, SIU, SOCRATES, TRANSCULT, University of Bergen, Kulturby Bergen 2000