Corpora: Calls: Sequential text analysis

Gabriel Altmann (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 16:47:35 +0200


Sequential text analysis
edited by
Gabriel Altmann, Gejza Wimmer

The aim of this omnibus volume is to present
(a) a survey of results up to now
(b) presentation of modern analytical methods
(c) application of these methods to texts
(d) a survey of the existing software
(e) methodological considerations

1. General
2. Indices and functions
3. Time series
4. Markov chains
5. Fractals and chaos
6. Fourier analysis
7. Runs and gaps

Each chapter should contain 3-4 articles in English by different authors

Size of a contribution: max 20 pages

Time schedule
Dead line for announcing the contributions: December 31, 1999
Dead line for manuscripts: December 31, 2000

Anouncements should be sent to
Gabriel Altmann, Stüttinghauser Ringstr. 44, D - 58515 Lüdenscheid
Fax: +492351973071
Gejza Wimmer, Mathematical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences,
Stefanikova 49,
SK - 81473 Bratislava, Slovakia
Fax: +427397316