Corpora: alignment programs

From: Tomaz Erjavec (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 13:29:50 MET DST

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    there is a vanilla implementation in C at


    From the README:

    Vanilla Aligner, V1.0

      Pernilla Danielsson and Daniel Ridings
      Institutionen för svenska språket
      Göteborgs universitet
      S-412 98 Göteborg SWEDEN


    the above URL has alas gone but a copy is available from

    Hope this helps,

    Marco Antonio Esteves da Rocha writes:
    > Dear all:
    > I would like to carry out a few tests with an alignment program. I have
    > read the Gale and Church (1993) paper and, as you know, it comes with the
    > code. Before actually transcribing it:
    > 1. Can I get it machine-readable anywhere ?
    > 2. Will it compile and run in my PC on a Mandrake Linux ?
    > 3. Has anyone run tests ?
    > 4. Any other more recent or easier options ?
    > 5. Are there any options that run in Windows (many students resist working
    > with anything but Windows) ?
    > At the moment, the actual purpose of the request is teaching, as part
    > of a corpus linguistics course. So it is just a demo, but I would like it
    > to be as real-life-like as possible, and it may develop into an actual
    > full-fledged research initiative. Languages involved are English and
    > Portuguese, so far, Spanish should be included soon.
    > Thanks
    > Marco Rocha

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