Re: Corpora: French software for linguistic analysis

From: Jean Veronis (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 10:07:04 MET DST

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    At 09:42 17/05/2000 +0200, Tine Greidanus wrote:

    >I need software to make a linguistic analysis of a corpus of French
    >texts (lemmatization, etc.). Does anybody have experience with Cordial 6
    >Universités, of Hyperbase, or both of them? Or do you recommend another

    Yes, I have experience with both of them.

    Hyperbase does not do grammatical tagging/lemmatization. It is mainly a
    concordancer, with lexical statistics functions.

    Cordial 6 universités is by far the best publicly available
    tagger/lemmatizer for French. I use it myself extensively for large
    projects, and the results are amazingly good.

    Jean Véronis

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