Information on registration and hotel accommodation

Note: Travel funding for Eastern Europe and the Baltics is available. Contact the local organization committee (click HERE).

Participants can fill in the form for registration and hotel accommodation in three ways:

  1. By filling out the on-line form in your browser and then printing it (the form will do the calculations for you);

  2. or
  3. By printing the simple form from your browser and filling it out by typewriter;

  4. or
  5. By downloading the plain text form, editing it and then printing it.

All registration forms must be signed and sent by airmail or fax to:

Travel Planners Congress
Valkendorfsgt. 9
5012 Bergen, Norway

telephone: +47 5523-0070
telefax: +47 5523-1768

All questions about registration, hotel accommodation, lunches and social programme must be directed to Travel Planners Congress.

Be sure to read our local organization information.

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