Sponsoring and commercial exhibit

The EACL '99 conference will have a technology exhibit with the international participation of companies and research bodies in the following areas of language and speech technology:

NOTE: the exhibit will also function as a JOB FAIR.

The conference offers the following forms of commercial participation:

  1. Official sponsorship.  The sponsor provides financial support to the conference organization.  In return, the sponsor's name is mentioned in the conference web pages, e-mail announcements, brochures and proceedings.  The sponsor will also get a space at the commercial exhibit, including Internet connection and conference registration for one person.

  2. The minimum sponsoring amount is 1500 EUR.
  3. Commercial exhibit.  A space at the commercial exhibit, including Internet connection, can be obtained for 2000 NOK.  This does not include registration.
For details and contracts, please contact eacl99@hit.uib.no.  Please get in touch as soon as possible.

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